Century Manufacturing Made In The USA


Background, Bottom, Center

Whether it’s to add a splash of color, enhance the value by adding a corporate color, or add to the richness of your embedment, you can use either one of our stock sheet acrylic colors, our have a custom color poured and cast into your Lucite award.

Custom Colors and Tints

Lucite is a clear medium which allows dyes and inks to be added to make your item a piece of art. With a few exceptions, many colors can be made in a variety of opacities from just a hint of color to a fully opaque piece. Custom marbleized Lucite can be made mixing two colors.

Double Casting

In order to cast multiple objects of different planes within the Lucite, many times, a double-casting is needed. Making a small cube to go within a large cube, whether clear or colored, allows multiple embedments to be placed into the piece facing different sides.

Drops and Vials

Have a liquid or loose material that you want embedded? While not all materials can work, our artisans can encapsulate many oils and liquids in hand-blown glass drops and vials. Screw top vials are also available for some items that won’t work with the blown glass option.


Add an out of this world view with handmade globes with amazing detail. Made in the USA, many are recycled glass. Choose from 1.4” or 0.9” diameter with 22K gold, 4 color process or solid green continents.

Special Cuts

Lucite is one of the clearest materials on Earth with a 93% light transmittance. Turn that straight rectangle or block into a work of art by adding cuts and bevels. The highly polished surfaces of a bevel or corner cut will reflect light though out the piece making an ordinary embedment into something extraordinary.

Gift Boxes

Most Lucite embedment items include a presentation black gift box. Larger items may not be "gift box sized", but are individually boxed in high quality corrugated containers. Sheet acrylic items are usually individually poly-bagged and bulk packed, but gift boxes are usually available at a cost.


Without the proper base, a recognition award or gift may seem incomplete. Make your award take on a whole new dimension with a base made from wood or solid color or marbleized acrylic.